föstudagur, mars 02, 2007


Eftirfarandi tilvitnun er tekin úr Northampton Newsletter í dag:

The biggest news today is that an Icelandic family of four will be moving back to Iceland this summer. When asked for comments, the father of the family, Mr. Thor Emilsson (38) said 'I just started my own business in Iceland, I'm sick of making money for someone else, it's time to make some for myself!'
The mother, Mrs. Arny Leifsdottir (32) said 'I would really like to stay for the rest of my life since it's so much cheaper to shop here, I guess I'll have to travel frequently between England and Iceland.'
Leifur (7) said 'For goodness sake! I'll miss Toys'r'us like... a lot but it'll be great to see all my friends and grannies again.'
Emil (almost 8 weeks) said nothing but vomited on the journalist.

They will be greatly missed.

Og þar hafiði það.

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